Feb 1 - 4, 2024 🦋 4 Day Byron Bay Transformation Retreat

Reconnect your Mind, Body & Spirit

Through the most applicable teachings of yoga, pilates, meditation, breathwork and shamanic healing, this unique 4 day program is designed to help you quiet the mind, return to the heart and awaken the soul, so that you feel inspired to continue living your most soulfully embodied purpose in the world.

Join this Unforgettable Body Mind Life Transformation

This retreat is for you if you are longing to return to the essence that is at the heart of who you are. You will gather with like-minded seekers and shed the roadblocks that keep you from living off the mat as the most creative and inspired version of you.

Daily Vinyasa Yoga

During these cohesive 90 min morning workshops, you will integrate flow and strength through standing postures, rotational postures, hip opening, backbending, arm balances and inversions to create a well rounded experience in mind and body. These will be taught in an open level style with daily focuses as well as options and variations for all.

Daily Pilates Fusions

Drawing on the precision and strength of pilates mat work, in these 90 min workshops, you’ll explore various combinations of functional strengthening, active mobility, alignment and movement principles. You will cultivate core stability, while improving posture through masterful guidance curated to a fun and inspiring playlist.

Shamanic Breathwork Journeys

Breathwork helps to prime the mind, body and energy systems to tap into your ability to entrain peace through meditation. You will also connect with your Spirit guides by invoking the sacred energies of the Andean medicine wheel. Drop into your inner guidance in expanded states of consciousness like you’ve never before.

Andean Fire Healing Ceremony

Connect to the beauty of the ancient fire ceremony that the high Andean Q’ero priests in the Peruvian mountains perform to release stagnant negative energy. You will replenish your chakra field and soul body to regain a sense of energetic restoration and vitality.

Blue Lotus Tea Ceremony

The Blue Lotus is a deeply mystical and complex medicinal plant – used as a sacrament by the ancient Egyptians in their religious and magical practices. The alkaloids of this plant help to create beautiful dream states along with a myriad of calming physical effects.

Psychedelic Ajna Light Therapy

The Ajna light is a meditation device that uses LED lights to stimulate a psychedelic DMT state of consciousness without ingesting hallucinogens. Oftentimes, students report seeing a kaleidoscope of visions similar to when on a psychedelic trip, except without the physical side effects of nausea.

Yin Pranayama Sound Healing

Move through a slow and deep yin yoga practice that will create more ease in the tissue, ligaments and joints. Calm your nervous system through relaxing breath practices while bathing in a sea of vibrations created by healing crystal bowls.

Organic Plant Based Meals

Fear, insomnia, stress, all lives as a biological signature in the gut. During this retreat, you will eat farm fresh organic foods that are nutritious and delicious to support your gut health. Following Ayurvedic healing principles, you will give your nervous system a detox to reset the body – mind connection.


170 acres within the Byron hinterland, you will stay on an organic farm architecturally designed for maximum inner peace. As Australia’s most easterly point, Aboriginal elders will say that Byron Bay has been a place for sacred healing for 20,000 years. Underneath the land runs a network of obsidian crystal and several major energetic ley lines (which function as the meridians of the Earth). It is no wonder that people flock intuitively here for a soulful reset.

What's Included

- 3 Yoga Workshops with Johnson
- 3 Pilates Workshops with Brad
- 3 Shamanic Breathwork Healing Journeys
- Yin with Crystal Sound Bowl Experience
- Blue Lotus Ceremony & Ajna Light Therapy Activation
- Andean Fire Healing Ceremony
- Use of Pool & Sauna facilities
- 1 Group Transport from Airport (est to pick up from Ballina Byron airport 1 pm Feb 4th)
- 1 Group Transport to Airport (est to leave retreat center 10:30 am)
- Organic Plant Based Catering
- Complimentary Wifi
- Free flow filtered water
The center is located in the Pocket, about 50 km or roughly 40 min from the Byron Bay airport

Are you ready for an unforgettable retreat?


Travel Insurance Drinks outside of meal packages

Transportation outside of scheduled group times

Room Options:

Rooms are priced in AUD per person below and on first come first serve.

Limited to 22 participants.

If you wish to camp or caravan, that is also an option (limited space)

• Caravan/Camping – $1495

• Twin Share $2295

• Private Room $4195

A $300 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your spot.

Your Facilitators

Johnson Chong

Johnson is a senior yoga teacher at Body Mind Life in Sydney, and is part of the teacher training faculty. He is also the best-selling and award-winning author of Sage Sapien: From Karma to Dharma. He is also a TedX Speaker, shaman and the founder of Sage Shamanic Yoga where he trains aspiring meditation and breathwork teachers. Through the synthesis of the most applicable teachings of yoga, meditation, breathwork, coaching and shamanic healing, his trainings are designed to help people quiet the mind, awaken the heart and free themselves of the roadblocks that keep them from living more authentically and joyfully. He has spoken and led workshops at companies like Unilever, Facebook, Nike, Macquarie, Insight Timer, UBS, UOB and more.

Johnson is a native New Yorker, and has lived on 3 continents, currently based in Sydney, Australia.

His passion is creating a bridge between ancient wisdom, energy medicine and direct modern application. Clients say that his unique experiences offer a profoundly healing self-discovery experience, followed with very practical and actionable steps to create lasting change.

As a paqo shaman of the Q’ero lineage, a Four Winds Energy Medicine Health Coach, and Reiki Master, in conjunction with his background as a teacher who trains yoga teachers and pilates teachers, he has an expansive knowledge of the physical body and how the psyche can create stagnation on all dimensions of being: physically, mentally, emotionally and on the level of the energetic.

Brad Inness

Brad is a senior pilates teacher at Body Mind Life in Byron Bay, and he also is the owner of Atoem, a studio that offers bespoke pilates based programs for athletes, gymnasts, dancers, pre/post-natal people and seniors.

Brad comes with over a decade of teaching dance, movement and pilates across Australia, Europe, the UK, USA and Asia. He left Australia in 2007 that began his long international dance career. He has worked with renowned artists such as Franz Ferdinand and The Kooks.

He’s performed in London’s venues such as the Adelphi Theater, West End and Twickenham Rugby Stadium, and has Toured England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Egypt, and some of the Middle East working in various production and company shows. In between work and enjoying the UK, Brad began teaching/choreographing around some of London’s studios while also working for companies such as Nike, Sweaty Betty & Lululemon. He began to curate Barre and Movement classes for various London studios, where he then continued to develop these programs in Berlin and Belgium.

Brad continued overseas to Asia, where he moved to Hong Kong to be a part the opening ceremony of The Parisian Macau. Moving into the corporate performing industry where he went to perform around Hong Kong and Vietnam for companies such as Tissot and Lexus.

Brad has an Integrated Diploma of Contemporary Pilates and Teaching Methodology in conjunction with his Diploma in Dance. He is currently pursuing a Diploma of Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies.

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