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Upcoming Events

Break up with the old you.
Live free, as Spirit intended.

A Modern Sage who helps you find true inner freedom

Johnson a spiritual guide and bestselling author who offers transformational online courses and retreats in sacred places like Bali, Bhutan, Thailand and Tibet.

As a modern sage, Johnson takes his practical and actionable inner guidance to help clients break up with the toxic relationships in their lives in order to live freely as who they were designed to be.

His TedX talk, “How to Deal with Toxic Family Relationships” poses the idea that “if we can negotiate legal contracts, then why not toxic family ones?” Johnson’s mission is to help you break free from toxicity in whatever form it takes, so that you can live unapologetically as you.

Johnson's TedX Talk on "How to Deal with Toxic Family Relationships"
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Sept 5 - 12, 2024

(12 SPOTS ONLY) Join Johnson and phD in Buddhism and ex-monk Dr. Karma on a spiritual pilgrimage through the remotest parts of the eastern Himalayan range. This retreat is a spiritual growth journey meets a culturally immersive experience that will help you to find more harmony in your mind, body and spirit. Limited to 12 travellers.


Sept 26 - Oct 5, 2024

More than a retreat, you will walk the path of the sacred Buddhas. This is a spiritual pilgrimage across the sacred sites in Tibet. We will visit the holy temples and places that Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhava) the 2nd incarnation of the Buddha. This is not a call for you to become a blind follower. It is a call for you to re-awaken your inner Buddha nature, and to walk the path alongside the ancient ones..

Sparta, Greece

Nov 6-10. 2024

Uplevel Mind, Body and Spirit at a unique 5 star award winning retreat center in a pine forest in the UNESCO region of Sparta awaits. This retreat is co-facilitated with Karin G. Reiter, nutritionist, functional medicine specialist and author joins. Through harmonizing the ancient healing principles of the 5 elements within (wood, fire, earth, metal and water), the aim of this retreat is to help you release, restore and reconnect with the best parts of yourself. Expect daily yoga, meditation, gut health workshops, sound healing, shamanic journeys, pampering spa treatments, and more.
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