Retreat Testimonials


Retreat Testimonials

Today we went to the oldest temple and we went into the oldest part of it that was from the 7th century. That was very moving. Although I don’t always pick up on energy. I felt enormous energy in that place. One thing that I learned for my meditation practice, is that the Buddhist way seems to use symbols to pray and meditate with. And symbology was not something that I thought too much about. But, I must say that it has helped me to get to a clear state in meditation.

Howard Cramer
London, UK

To learn that food makes such a difference in your life was revolutionary for me. To eat the food here and realise how much better I feel in my stomach, my skin and general health in such a short time has been amazing. I have certain medical conditions, and I feel so much better.

Arabella Kump
London, United Kingdom

It was probably the most complete retreat I’ve done, and I’ve done around twenty in total around the world. What I love about this one is the combination of the yoga, meditation and the Ayurvedic principles. I felt very at ease with Geeta. I found Johnson to be very inspiring. He really makes the classes very interesting and diverse.

Maggie Cavill
London, United Kingdom

I feel more energised after the morning rituals. The place is just perfect for a retreat. It’s so peaceful. During our inner journeys, I felt I had two balls of energy in my hands and I’ve never felt that before. The whole experience really helped me get closer to my purpose.

Daniela Hosang

I came to this retreat to find balance and peace in my life. I feel a lot lighter and healthier. I feel I tuned in more to myself. This place is like heaven on earth. I have no words to describe the views, the energy and the connection that I feel when I’m here. I feel like I’m home away from home.

Candy Chong
New York, USA

I am ready to return home and use what I have learned here on retreat like putting into practice the Ayurvedic morning rituals I learned. I’ve also enjoyed the yoga, meditation, breathwork and the inner guidance. Before coming, there was something that was really bothering me without me knowing why I was feeling that way. Now, I feel so much lighter.

Annethe Nathan
London, United Kingdom

I was having lots of problems with my digestion and gut. At the end of this retreat, I’ve learnt so much about my Ayurvedic dosha which has been incredibly useful knowledge. I’ve also learnt that it’s not selfish to take time for yourself to make sure that you’re okay. It’s been incredible to be with this group who have been strong, resilient, graceful and kind. That’s made this retreat invaluable for me.

Megan Sutcliffe
London, United Kingdom

I feel very thankful to have come on the retreat. I have found that being here, eating according to the Ayurvedic principles, I have not been hungry. I feel much more energised and sleeping more consistently. I’ve had some major life changes, and through the love and support of the group as a whole. I think it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life.

Emma Sutcliffe
London, United Kingdom

I really loved this retreat because it was a combination of seeing Bhutan and going through a personal journey. We have been doing yoga every day, and shamanic healing journeys with Johnson. I liked the shamanic journeys because it was something that I’ve never done before and I found it very spiritual and also very illuminating.

Helit Greenfield
New York, USA

We did this fabulous trek up to Tiger’s Nest, and I had this injury. I just couldn’t walk down. Somebody carried me half the way down and found me a horse. When we tried to thank these people, they said ‘it’s our honour.’ You saw the real base of generosity and compassion that people had. That was a moving experience.  

Judith MacCormick
Sydney, Australia

We’ve done some many amazing things, rafting down rivers, going to temples and seeing so many fascinating things. We did a number of workshops every day, and the shamanic journeys were something I’ve never done before. You can actually feel the energy move through your body. I would happily do it all over again.

Deborah Travers
Sydney, Australia

The biggest highlight was my visit to the fertility temple, as I am currently going through a journey in that area. Through this trip, I really started thinking about this yin/yang balance. And my biggest takeaway is to shift my consciousness to more of my feminine side so that I have more balance.

Miki Hata
Sydney, Australia

Bhutan is magical and very beautiful. I came here with no specific things in mind. I didn’t know what to expect. I learned a lot about myself. I learned about the attachments, fears and my personality. It was enlightening for me, and now I am feeling freer from those attachments.

Cahê Toporowicz

It has been really intense, but I feel that I can connect with my true essence now. During these 10 days, we did yoga, meditation, walked to sacred temples and connected inwards through shamanic journeys to clean our energy bodies. I would highly recommend this trip if you’re wanting to reconnect with your true inner self.

Mayra Andrade

Johnson did an incredible job bringing a group of diverse people from multiple countries, and it’s just been a wonderful experience. I would highly recommend taking this journey with an experienced team of people like we have. It makes the experience so much richer to have the guidance of people who can bring the community together and make it relatable.

Diana Schmidt
North Carolina, USA

What I learned from some of the workshops that we were doing was that I am exactly where I need to be in my life. And that is something that I normally struggle with, comparing myself with others. I ended up in Bhutan for a reason. It had a very profound impact on how I look at my life.

Artem Gorobets
Sydney, Australia

It’s been a very uplifting, invigorating experience. It’s something that you can’t really explain to anybody unless they go through it themselves. If I could describe this retreat in one word, I would say life changing.

Serina Levy
Tel Aviv, Israel

The shamanic journeys were extremely profound for me. I feel like Johnson is truly a channel to the spirit world. What surprised me about this retreat was the connections with the people in the group. It was beyond my wildest dreams.

Sarah Bright
Sydney, Australia

What I learned about myself was how much fear I had before coming on retreat. But also how much strength and tenacity I have in going through this journey and these beliefs. I think this journey has been transformative. It has been really magical and heartfelt for me.

Joel Low

What I found really healing is that Johnson was able to provide the space and compassion for me to let go of the family ancestry that was so abusive, without being invasive. He didn’t tell me how to do it, he allowed me to find it on my own.

Steffi Adams
Florida, USA