Retreat Testimonials


Retreat Testimonials

I feel like a new person. I highly recommend the retreat experience. I’ve had a tough year with everything coming at me; work, family, the loss of my parents, a possible loss of a marriage, and coming here taught me that I am capable, that I can handle what’s coming my way no matter what it is. Go on a retreat for no reason, but if you are going through something, it will help you feel your power again.

Maggie Lyko
New York, USA

I’ve never been on a retreat before, and I didn’t quite know what to expect. I was intrigued by the concept of shamanic healing, but I didn’t really understand how spiritual, how intense, how it really pulls together all the senses, all the influences of the universe to kind of crescendo into this amazing euphoria, imagination and seeing visions that you never realized before. I feel like I’m walking away with a great sense of hope and optimism and also some practical tools to take home and change my diet.

Susan Savoie
New York, USA

I really enjoyed was meeting other likeminded people from all parts of the world. We’ve made close friendships in the few days that we’ve known each other. What I also liked was that I felt very safe. I didn’t feel judged about the things I shared in our circle time. Karin and Johnson work really well together, and they make you feel really at ease. It’s meant so much to me that this is something I plan to do now every year.

Alison Laurens
Jersey, United Kingdom

The breathwork was really enlightening. It was really challenging, but I came out on the other side feeling very opened up. And certainly the gut health discussions were very enlightening. I was surprised to discover I was holding on to so much. It really took this retreat to make me realise the weight of what I really holding on to. This retreat is really for people who are caught up in the overwhelm of day to day life or not being true to themselves. I would highly recommend this so that you have a break to re-find yourself.

Tamzine Walsh
Melbourne, Australia

I’ve been to a couple of retreats previously, and it was a luck of the draw in terms of who you were put together with. I think we had the perfect combination of people and facilitators to really make it a transformational experience. Both Karin and Johnson have a wealth of knowledge. It was really inspiring to see how they articulated things so beautifully and simplified things in a way that was really helpful in day to day life.

Lauren Lee
Sydney, Australia

What I liked most about this retreat was the diversity of people, and diversity of experiences, from hiking to yoga to meditation to learning about my health and my body. My favourite experience is floating in the pool after a session of yoga and just feeling so good in my body.

Jennifer Gregory

Learning about nutrition and how to eat better has been a highlight for sure. Also, through the whole spiritual part of the retreat with the shamanic journeys, I learned so much about myself. There was a lot of clarity. I am definitely incorporating a lot of the morning routine that I learned here, and also a lot of the spiritual practices I learned.

Ana Scherer

I love that we start the day with a good yoga practice with Johnson. He makes us do these breathwork practices, which I’ve never done before. After starting the day like that, you really feel so energized. I knew a lot about nutrition already, but coming to the retreat showed me that there was so much more to learn. If I had to summarize this retreat in one word, it would be self-love.

Tammy Boh Calabro
Sicily, Italy

Yesterday when we all laid in a circle and we did a lot of chakra releasing, there was this beautiful energy, and it filled me with a lot of calm. I feel much lighter than when I came, which was much heavier.

Sharon Brooks

I love that during the retreat, I was able to get some me time. I discovered who I am. I am able to be a little bit more patient in what I’m doing for the future. One word to describe this retreat … excellent.

Elaine Ko Zakariassen
Oslo, Norway

I really loved this retreat because it was a combination of seeing Bhutan and going through a personal journey. We have been doing yoga every day, and shamanic healing journeys with Johnson. I liked the shamanic journeys because it was something that I’ve never done before and I found it very spiritual and also very illuminating.

Helit Greenfield
New York, USA

Today we went to the oldest temple and we went into the oldest part of it that was from the 7th century. That was very moving. Although I don’t always pick up on energy. I felt enormous energy in that place. One thing that I learned for my meditation practice, is that the Buddhist way seems to use symbols to pray and meditate with. And symbology was not something that I thought too much about. But, I must say that it has helped me to get to a clear state in meditation.

Howard Cramer
London, UK

We did this fabulous trek up to Tiger’s Nest, and I had this injury. I just couldn’t walk down. Somebody carried me half the way down and found me a horse. When we tried to thank these people, they said ‘it’s our honour.’ You saw the real base of generosity and compassion that people had. That was a moving experience.  

Judith MacCormick
Sydney, Australia

To learn that food makes such a difference in your life was revolutionary for me. To eat the food here and realise how much better I feel in my stomach, my skin and general health in such a short time has been amazing. I have certain medical conditions, and I feel so much better.

Arabella Kump
London, United Kingdom

It was probably the most complete retreat I’ve done, and I’ve done around twenty in total around the world. What I love about this one is the combination of the yoga, meditation and the Ayurvedic principles. I felt very at ease with Geeta. I found Johnson to be very inspiring. He really makes the classes very interesting and diverse.

Maggie Cavill
London, United Kingdom

I feel more energised after the morning rituals. The place is just perfect for a retreat. It’s so peaceful. During our inner journeys, I felt I had two balls of energy in my hands and I’ve never felt that before. The whole experience really helped me get closer to my purpose.

Daniela Hosang

I came to this retreat to find balance and peace in my life. I feel a lot lighter and healthier. I feel I tuned in more to myself. This place is like heaven on earth. I have no words to describe the views, the energy and the connection that I feel when I’m here. I feel like I’m home away from home.

Candy Chong
New York, USA

I am ready to return home and use what I have learned here on retreat like putting into practice the Ayurvedic morning rituals I learned. I’ve also enjoyed the yoga, meditation, breathwork and the inner guidance. Before coming, there was something that was really bothering me without me knowing why I was feeling that way. Now, I feel so much lighter.

Annethe Nathan
London, United Kingdom

I was having lots of problems with my digestion and gut. At the end of this retreat, I’ve learnt so much about my Ayurvedic dosha which has been incredibly useful knowledge. I’ve also learnt that it’s not selfish to take time for yourself to make sure that you’re okay. It’s been incredible to be with this group who have been strong, resilient, graceful and kind. That’s made this retreat invaluable for me.

Megan Sutcliffe
London, United Kingdom

I feel very thankful to have come on the retreat. I have found that being here, eating according to the Ayurvedic principles, I have not been hungry. I feel much more energised and sleeping more consistently. I’ve had some major life changes, and through the love and support of the group as a whole. I think it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life.

Emma Sutcliffe
London, United Kingdom
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