40 Hall Street Bondi, Sydney

Dec 2, 2023

(1/2 FULL). Join the yoga teacher training faculty at Body Mind Life for a full day of transformational workshops which includes a delicious and nutritious catered lunch. This workshop is specifically designed to not only maximise the strength and flexibility in the body, but to reset the mind and heart. Expect to empty yourself of negative thoughts and emotions that are keeping you from operating at your best. This 1 day urban transformational retreat is designed for those who are tight on time and also for those who are wanting to experience a taste of transformation.

Sparta, Greece

Oct 9 - Oct 14, 2023

FULLY BOOKED. A unique 5 star award winning retreat center in a pine forest in the UNESCO region of Sparta awaits. This retreat is co-facilitated with Karin G. Reiter, nutritionist, functional medicine specialist and author joins. Through harmonizing the ancient healing principles of the 5 elements within (wood, fire, earth, metal and water), the aim of this retreat is to help you release, restore and reconnect with the best parts of yourself. Expect daily yoga, meditation, gut health workshops, sound healing, shamanic journeys, pampering spa treatments, and more.

Oaxaca, Mexico

Oct 28 - Nov 4, 2023

BY APPLICATION. (1/2 FULL). This retreat is created in collaboration with the Panther Process founder Kira Saundra - a pioneer in experiential Shadow Work. Ever day is specifically curated to each element (Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Ether) in alignment with corresponding chakra points of Shadow emotions. You will feel into your liberated self physically, psychologically, emotionally and energetically through all the transformational experiences through our workshops and our special guest experts.

Byron Bay

Feb 1 - 4, 2024

Aboriginal elders will say that Byron Bay has been a place for sacred healing for 20,000 years. During this long weekend retreat, you'll practice daily yoga, pilates and breathwork and meditation while eating delicious plant based organic meals. In the afternoons, enjoy the many nature trails or rest in the infrared sauna or by the pool. In addition to the invigorating physical program, you will experience a blue lotus tea ceremony with psychedelic ajna light therapy which will elevate you into a state of euphoric peace. During the evening, you will soak in the healing vibrations of a crystal sound bath during a yin and pranayama practice. The entire retreat will culminate with an ancient healing Andean fire ceremony.


May 16 - 24, 2024

(12 SPOTS ONLY) Join Johnson and phD in Buddhism and ex-monk Dr. Karma on a spiritual pilgrimage through the remotest parts of the eastern Himalayan range. This retreat is a spiritual growth journey meets a culturally immersive experience that will help you to find more harmony in your mind, body and spirit. Limited to 12 travellers.