8 Week Shamanic Healing
for True Inner Freedom


Having lived on 3 continents, I have led transformational experiences around the world through workshops, retreats, as well as being invited to speak and teach in the corporate setting. I integrate my holistic trainings as a shaman the Q’ero healing traditionmaster Reiki healeryoga, breathwork and meditation teacher. I am also the award-winning and best-selling author of Sage Sapien: From Karma to Dharma, and featured on TedX with my talk entitled: “How to Deal with Toxic Family Relationships.” I also run a breathwork and meditation teacher training course for those interested in deepening their facilitation skills.

As a first-generation gay Asian-American born to Chinese refugee parents, I struggled with the issue of self-acceptance for a long time. Riding the waves of self-doubt, fear and self-hate for my cultural identity, and sexual identity, I embarked on the path of spirituality 20 years ago through yoga, breathwork, meditationshamanic healing and reiki. My mission is to help you to break up with the old you, and to live free, as Spirit intended.  


This 8 Week Shamanic Healing Journey Is For You If You Are ...

  • Feeling stuck, stressed, anxious and/or even depressed in your life and are needing an out-of-the-box breakthrough.
  • Ready to let go of crippling old doubts, worries and fears to step into a more empowered, creative & purpose-driven version of you.
  • Feeling disconnected from your creativity, and long to rekindle your sense of curiosity and excitement about what lies ahead for you.
  • Wanting to overcome the paralysing fear of uncertainty and the fear of the unknown
  • Seeking the courage to move into the future with ease and grace.
  • Experiencing any mental/emotional/spiritual blocks that stem from your ancestry or your past that keep you from embodying the highest vibrational state that you were designed to live.
  • Excited at the opportunity to dive deeper into your spiritual journey to amplify your inner state so that you feel purposeful and abundant.

Diminish Stress & Anxiety

You will be equipped with the tools to overcome any stressful, anxious or emotionally challenging obstacles with more clarity and wisdom.

Authenticity and Living Unapologetically

To live fully means to live unapologetically as you. To do so, you need to embrace all the various aspects of yourself, even the parts of you that are hidden.

Improved Physical Health

Neuroscience shows that meditation and breathwork practices improve your immunity, nervous system, metabolism while reducing inflammation in the body.

Mental Clarity & Focus

Quantum science has demonstrated that your reality is created by what you think and believe. Through changing your brain with shamanic journeying and meditative tools, you will learn that wherever your awareness goes, energy will flow. With newfound focus, you will manifest the life you were born to live.

Fulfilling & Honest Relationships

Imagine living a life where you are in harmony with all those around you and being okay with letting go the relationships that no longer serve your growth. Learning the keys of conscious communication will help you anchor the mental clarity you'll discover into action.

Renewed Sense of Purpose

Purpose is about being selflessly selfish. By being of service to a mission larger than yourself, you in fact, benefit yourself. It's the law of reciprocity in motion. Rekindle impassioned purpose while bring more joy and meaning to your life.

Transformational stories from previous journeyers ...

Where will the journey take us?

In the Q’ero lineage of shamanism, they teach us that every choice affects 7 generations into the past and 7 generations into the future. We will bring to light old karmic imprints/curses and wounds that are not even our own. Some of them may come from our ancestors and cultural conditioning that has gotten us stuck in unnecessary fears.

The Buddha said that the very nature of life is to suffer, however there is a way out of suffering as well. From a yogic perspective, you will look at the 5 mental states of suffering and break free from the psychological grip of what holds you back from feeling fully at peace and connected to your heart.

Fear, Shame & Guilt are the shadow emotions of the first three chakras in your body and are often misunderstood. When they take hold of you unconsciously, you think and act in ways that are not in your best interest. When you discover not only with your mind, but with your body and energy systems why these limitations are there, you will then be able to use these energies as an ally instead of fighting with them.

This week, we will explore the power of the fire ceremony. We will discover the healing power of fire. After giving the  old limited self a proper cremation, and releasing the limited beliefs and stories that have kept you stuck, you will now feel a greater capacity to create the life you wish to live.

How you behave in your relationships is a telltale sign of where your blindspots are in your spiritual practice. What is the point of meditating like a monk if you’re unable to ask for what you want and need without being triggered by the fear of rejection? This week, we learn the skills needed to release the expectations that hold us back from unapologetically owning what we want and need, while at the same time, respecting someone else’s autonomy.

Every human being on the planet is searching for new ways of contribution, to not only fit in on a social level, but to leave behind a meaningful legacy. This can seem daunting. But until you have fully discovered and understood your WHY, any attempt at meditation will just be a temporary band-aid. This week you will engage in a deep connection to Spirit with your whole self.

Often, when you think of purpose, you think about what impassions your heart. After that, you might get roadblocked by the mindset that you cannot have financial abundance living your highest purpose. This week, you redefine what abundance is, so that you can marry impassioned purpose in its most abundant manifestation into your life.

This week, you prepare to move forward into the future by bringing the future into the NOW. You will energetically activate yourself to call in the kinds of experiences you want to cultivate in your personal relationships , professional life and your soul’s longing for deeper connections to all aspects of life. You will connect directly to Source to co-create a life where you are optimising your fullest potential.

This Life Changing 8 Week Journey is by Application Only

While group workshops and retreats are highly beneficial, there are those who prefer and require more in depth 1:1 healing work.

Due to the immersive and highly personalised nature of a 1:1, it is not for everyone.

Spaces are limited and considered through application only.

After you have submitted your application, it will be reviewed, and you’ll be followed up by email.

What you will get over the 8 weeks ...


  • Weekly 1:1 Shamanic Energy Medicine Healing Sessions (8 total)
  • Weekly Heart-Opening and Mind-Expanding Shamanic Journeys and Meditations
  • Weekly Transformational Assignments
  • Access to Online Learning Platform full of Videos and Uniquely Curated Content
  • 1 Human Design Chart Analysis Reading based on your Astrological Information

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