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What is Human Design?

Human Design is a synthesis of multiple transformational modalities that draw from the ancient Chinese book of divination (I-Ching), astrology, the Kabbalah, Vedic philosophy and quantum science to provide a road map of your unique pathway as a 9 centred human being. 

Ra Uru Hu, the founder of  Human Design narrowed down human beings into 4 distinct categorises of energy types. Of those 4 energy types, you also contain one of the 12 profile types, and various activations of the 64 gates. 

There are 192 different incarnation crosses that reveal your soul purpose, and layers of gifts to be mined as you delve into embodying your unique design.

Each individual design is perfect as it was meant to be with its own challenges and unique gifts, waiting to be honed, so that you can live in resonance to the most optimal flow of how energy move through your individual system versus trying to be someone that you are not. 

Human design is a system that empowers you as an individual to live more unapologetically as you, as your soul intended.

Transformational stories from previous clients

What you get when you book a reading

  • A detailed analysis of your Human Design Chart via zoom to go through the uniqueness of your design and how to utilize your authority and strategy to awaken your inner gifts.
  • A recording of the zoom session for future reference.
  • a detailed pdf of your human design chart, energy type, profile type, channels and unique gifts.
  • 1 Human Design Chart Analysis Reading based on your Astrological Information
  • Invaluable insight into how you perceive yourself and the world around you.


*Upon completing your booking, please schedule a time for your session here .


Having lived on 3 continents, I have led transformational experiences around the world through workshops, retreats, as well as being invited to speak and teach in the corporate setting. I integrate my holistic trainings as a shaman the Q’ero healing traditionmaster Reiki healeryoga, breathwork/meditation teacher, and human design analysis. I am also the award-winning and best-selling author of Sage Sapien: From Karma to Dharma, and featured on TedX with my talk entitled: “How to Deal with Toxic Family Relationships.” I also run a breathwork and meditation teacher training course for those interested in deepening their facilitation skills.

As a first-generation gay Asian-American born to Chinese refugee parents, I struggled with the issue of self-acceptance for a long time. Riding the waves of self-doubt, fear and self-hate for my cultural identity, and sexual identity, I embarked on the path of spirituality 20 years ago through yoga, breathwork, meditationshamanic healing and reiki. My mission is to help you to break up with the old you, and to live free, as Spirit intended.  


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