About Johnson

As a first-generation gay Chinese-American born to traumatised refugee parents, Johnson developed an early experience with the cycle of abuse. Having ridden the waves of anxiety, self-doubt, self-hate and the fear of being too broken to love and be loved, he embarked on a spiritual path 20 years ago through yoga, meditation, Reiki and shamanism. He travelled around the world seeking mentors and mystics to heal.

What he discovered was that in order to live freely, he had to break up with his ego, which eventually led him to break up with his toxic family relationships. 

Now, through his workshops, retreats and intensive healing programs, his aim is to help those who are ready to break up with the old, and emerge soulfully anew. He takes in a select few clients each quarter to undergo an 8 week shamanic healing program which is a synthesis of his training as a shaman of the Q’ero lineage in Peru, a Coach, master Reiki healer, yoga, breathwork and meditation teacher. 

Having lived on 3 continents, and having facilitated hundreds of clients through transformational experiences either in classes, workshops and retreats, he’s also been invited to lead workshops at companies like Unilever, Facebook, Insight Timer, Nike, UBS, UOB and various other organisations. 

Shamanic healing workshops and retreats can help you break up with unsustainable …

- Mental and Emotional Overwhelm
- Self-doubt, self-sabotage patterns and self-confidence issues
- Intergenerational patterns from your ancestry
- Conscious or unconscious Fear, guilt and shame blocks
- Energetic blocks that prevent you from the intimacy that you deserve

SO THAT YOU CANcreate a new and healthier relationship with yourself to live freely, as spirit intended.

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