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Johnson is a coach and a spiritual guide. He is a TedX Speaker, best-selling author and founder of SAGE Shamanic Yoga where he curates transformational workshops, trainings and international retreats. 

His mission is to integrate ancient shamanic wisdom practices to support the busyness of  modern living. Over the last 20 years, he has trained as a coach, initiated as a shaman from the high Andean priests of Peru, studied energy medicine from Reiki masters, martial artists, Taoists, and various healers and mystics  from around the world. He is also a certified E-RYT yoga teacher with over 1000 hours of continuing education, as well as a breathwork and meditation coach.

Having lived on 3 continents, and facilitated hundreds of clients through transformational experiences in classes, workshops and transformational retreats, he’s been invited to lead workshops at companies like Unilever, Facebook, Insight Timer, Nike, UBS, UOB and many other organisations. 

As someone who personally overcome  anxiety, deep seated fear of not being enough and incessant negative self talk, Johnson discovered  that in order to live freely, each person must learn to get comfortable with discomfort. And one of the most uncomfortable rites of passage is to break up with toxic people in life, of which, one of those toxic people include the  older outdated versions of you.

Shamanic healing workshops and retreats can help you break up with unsustainable …

- Mental and Emotional Overwhelm
- Self-doubt, self-sabotage patterns and self-confidence issues
- Intergenerational patterns from your family and lineage
- Conscious or unconscious Fear, guilt and shame blocks
- Energetic blocks that prevent you from the intimacy that you deserve
-Patterns of scarcity that keep you from living abundantly

SO THAT YOU CANcreate a new and healthier relationship with yourself to live freely, as spirit intended.

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