Program Testimonials


Healing Program Testimonials

Before I came to the 8 week program, I wasn’t in a great place. I was feeling a lot of pent up anger, and I was finding myself easily overwhelmed. It has been life changing for me and my family. During the journey, I would see and feel things in my body that were clear for me. I have always come away from the sessions feeling more grounded, a lot lighter and buzzing.

Claire Lange
Adelaide, Australia

“I found it to be quite enlightening. Some of the things I had been struggling with personally had been impacting the things I was doing in my role as a senior leader in my organisation. It was helpful for me to hit the reset button, and redetermine my priorities.”

Stephen Fountain

During these 8 weeks, I learned about my shadows, and what I stored in my body. He helped me to dive into very deep feelings. I felt very supported and safe, and not judged. I think Johnson is such a different kind of therapist that is not socially accepted at this time. I cannot recommend this course enough.

Eugenia Kromerinsky
Sydney, Australia

What I discovered in these 8 weeks was that I had lost an important part of myself along the way. Never having done meditation or spiritual work of this kind, I kind of tip-toed into this experience. But I felt ready, and took a leap of faith. I recommend this journey for anyone who is ready to explore themselves and to learn the tools for a happier and more fulfilled version of themselves.

Vassiliki Sourla
Athens, Greece

I feel in my power, the most whole and the most integrated, and most energised about what is ahead. The process was interesting because it was unfamiliar to me. Being a sole founder of a company is very intense and a very lonely experience. And to journey with the group and Johnson who has a very deep and innate ability to read where you’re at, is an incredible sense of community and feeling strengthened and elevated.

Chris Boys
Sydney, Australia

What I’ve learned about myself is that I am enough. Johnson knocked me out of my old self so I am really appreciative of that. It’s really important to have a good mentor and guide to go through this with so that you do not get lost.

Mabel Ng

Throughout the course, I felt I was able to finally deal with my demons and see them for what they are, and to let go of them. One of sessions I’ll take away with me was when we severed the old stories and myths we carried. I wrote them all down and set fire to them. It was a powerful part of the process.

Richard Nelson
London, United Kingdom

What was really valuable were the lessons that I learned. Johnson has a wealth of knowledge to share, and it was put into neat frameworks that allowed me to ingest the information that clicked for me. The shamanic journey process was like an awakened dream state. It put into context my life experiences in a storytelling fashion in a way in which I finally understood.

Nancy Kim
Sydney, Australia

I’ve been wrestling with different paths for a number of years, and now I have a clearer outlook on which path I should take. I’ve done a lot of meditation, and shamanic journeying was similar in many ways, but far more visual. In that process of journeying, your mind heart and soul presented you with various things that you had no idea were there. It was like an education from an inside.

Jayson Raffe
Sydney, Australia

During this process, it brought up a lot of critiques that I had of myself. After actually experiencing a level of forgiveness for myself, it brought a whole wave of emotions inside my body. And feeling that level of forgiveness with compassion was really transformative. It really helped change how I treat myself in every day life.

Odus Moore
Melbourne, Australia

The whole journey was so well organised. Largely, I felt Johnson’s energy came through in all his talks very clearly and very relevantly. I have gained so much. I can feel the change in how I perceive things and the world.

Ernestine Spiegel
Sydney, Australia

The shamanic journeying process for me was very illuminating that led to transformative changes in myself. I enjoyed the atmosphere Johnson created for me to experience these shifts. He was very clear and very nurturing.

Jocelyn Chua

Johnson’s course completely blew apart my understanding of what meditation can accomplish. The experiences were so mind-blowingly beautiful and amazing. I am thrilled because I feel completely free from my inner critic.

Theresa Boyle
Los Angeles, CA

Johnson is very intuitive about what needs to shift and move within my being. I discovered that a lot of the limiting belief stories I told myself did not hold true for me anymore. Cutting cords with the old story that ‘I am not good enough’ was so powerful, and as a result I feel freer, more enabled and empowered.

Charlotte Goh

I joined because I felt I was ready for change. The course was very helpful and practical in helping me to shift in how i think about things, how I deal with things, how I work with other people, how I focus and prioritise. It really fueled me and my journey.

David Thorpe
Auckland, New Zealand

What was keeping me back in my work was this debilitating fear of not being received in the right way publicly. I realised a lot of these roadblocks were coming from my childhood. This course has really empowered me as the wellness leader that I know I am.

Geeta Vara
London, United Kingdom

Johnson understands how to help you understand your hidden opportunities. And he helps you bring them out so that you can prosper in ways that you never have thought of before. I discovered there were blockages from my first year of life which Johnson was able to uncover in moments. He is a very talented individual.

Ken Krell

During the session, I was going through many emotions. I felt healing and connection to a deeper aspect of my self. Something came up around the relationship with my mother which was incomplete. There were other things that came up for me that I knew I was resisting, and I was able to let go of them.

Victoria Ke
Sydney, Australia

It was super powerful. Memories came up, little traumas. There was a lot of movement of energy. It was almost like my body and subconscious were speaking directly to my consciousness. I definitely feel lighter energetically. I am very grateful.

Alex Lambert
Bali, Indonesia

Johnson is energetically an enigma. He is able to tap into your energy quite beautifully. What I love about his process is that he has a way of asking open ended questions without judgment. He is spot on and amazing at exploring the areas that needed to be healed.

Philamae Gray
Sydney, Australia