Huachuma Plant Medicine Journey
1 Day Ceremony
Private Invitation
11 Spaces Only

Grandfather Cactus

Huachuma (in Quechua) or more commonly known as San Pedro is a cactus plant medicine. It is a serotonergic psychoactive plant that contains mescaline. It has been used by the native people of the Andes like the Q’ero, Moche and also the pre-Colombian Chavin culture from 3,000 BCE and earlier.

It is a columnar cactus that is cousin to its endangered North American counterpart, Peyote, and carries the frequency of returning you to wholeness.

This ancient medicine helps to reconnect your creative connection via the umbilical cord to Pachamama as well as to the heart of your inner child. 

The Huachuma Experience

While the more commonly ingested Ayahuasca, is known as the stern Grandmother medicine, San Pedro is revered in the high Andes mountains as Grandfather Cactus.

He is considered the greatest teacher because he reminds us that we are perfect as we are, and we are beings born of unconditional love.

Indigenous tribes use this medicine on those suffering from addiction and those needing liberation from deep trauma.

While Ayahuasca takes you on a rollercoaster ride through your inner shadows towards liberation, San Pedro plugs you in deeper to the wisdom of your innermost Self. Both are valid pathways towards inner freedom, with San Pedro being the sweeter of the two paths.

The intention for hosting this ceremony is to help you awaken to your soul’s higher purpose by tapping into a more awakened state of consciousness. This ceremonial experience should feel like a strong call deep within you – not one of recreational curiosity.

San Pedro Properties

The altered state induced by San Pedro is attributed to mescaline, a phenethylamine, in the same class of drugs as MDMA. As a phenethylamine, mescaline has stimulating effects, working on dopamine and adrenaline, alongside serotonin receptors. Dr. Malin Uthuag, author of several papers about mescaline and San Pedro, writes that most psychedelics work on our body’s serotonin system, specifically 5-HT2A serotonin receptors. However, mescaline additionally affects the 5HT2C receptors associated with dopamine and adrenaline. San Pedro cactus contains many alkaloids other than mescaline, some of which were found to be mildly psychoactive by pioneering psychedelic chemist Alexander Shuglin.

This variety of alkaloids gives San Pedro unique effects from peyote or synthesized mescaline. While this chemical combination might sound intimidating, San Pedro is often described as dreamy, and Dr. Uthuag’s surveys confirm mescaline is considered by many a “euphoric, and bodily/tactile experience.”

What's Included

- Pre-screening call with psychedelic assisted holistic psychotherapist Trudi Bannister
-10 hour macrodose of cactus psychedelic journey facilitated by Q'ero paqo shaman Johnson Chong and assisted by Trudi Bannister
- Post-ceremony integration zoom call the day after
- Snacks and light food that will support during your journey during ceremony

Are you ready to expand?

Huachuma Ceremony: Saturday 9 am – 7 pm April 13th (Full), Next Sitting Saturday June 1 (6 spaces open)

Post-Integration Zoom Call:  Sunday 11 am April 14th, Sunday 11 am June 2nd

11 Spots by Invite Only


***Do not share this with anyone without our consent. This is by invitation only. If you wish to tell someone, please contact us directly at

Note: Our plant medicine is grown organically in Australia and each batch is personally tested before serving.

Screening Process: After you have successfully gone through the pre-screening call with our psychedelic assisted holistic psychotherapist, Trudi Bannister, you will be sent an invoice to secure your spot as well as instructions to prepare you for the ceremony. The pre-screening call is to process to ensure that you are psychologically sound at this moment in time to join a group awakening experience with the use of psychedelics.

Location: The location of this ceremony is in a beautiful location close to the water and will be revealed upon acceptance post-screening call

Your Facilitators

Johnson Chong

Johnson Chong is the best-selling and award-winning author of Sage Sapien: From Karma to Dharma. He is also a TedX Speaker, shaman and the founder of Sage Shamanic Yoga where he trains aspiring meditation and breathwork teachers. Through the synthesis of the most applicable teachings of yoga, meditation, breathwork, coaching and shamanic healing, his trainings are designed to help people quiet the mind, awaken the heart and free themselves of the roadblocks that keep them from living more authentically and joyfully.

He has spoken and led workshops at companies like Unilever, Facebook, Nike, Macquarie, Insight Timer, UBS, UOB and more.

His passion is creating a bridge between ancient wisdom, energy medicine and direct modern application. Clients say that his unique experiences of er a profoundly healing self-discovery experience, followed with very practical and actionable steps to create lasting change.

As a paqo shaman of the Q’ero lineage he trained under the guidance of the Apaza family in the remote Andean mountains.

He is also a Four Winds Energy Medicine Health Coach, and a
Reiki Master of the Osho lineage.

In conjunction with his background as a teacher who trains yoga teachers and pilates teachers, he has an expansive knowledge of the physical body and how the psyche can create stagnation on all dimensions of being: physically, mentally, emotionally and on the level of the energetic.

Johnson is a native New Yorker, and has lived on 3 continents, currently living in Sydney, Australia.

Trudi Bannister

Trudi Bannister is a holistic psychologist trained in psychedelic assisted therapy in Sydney.

She is also the author of Built for Bliss: The Psychology of Experiencing True Happiness

In her private practice, she  uses a blend of evidence-based psychotherapies and mindfulness-based tools that help clients improve the relationship they have with themselves and important people in their lives.

These therapies include  CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), Solution-Focused Brief
Therapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy. 

She also offers EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing), a powerful
psychotherapy that enables people to heal from the symptoms and emotional distress that
are the result of disturbing life experiences.

Trudi also teaches Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) as an 8-week evidence-based course both in-person and online. 

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